Early Friday morning (Oct. 18), BTS gave fans a taste of what their upcoming “comeback” (Korean pop terminology for new music) may be like with a reworked version of “Make It Right.”

The Korean boy band collaborated with the American singer-songwriter Lauv, who starts the soulful ballad off with a verse in English.

Advocates for promoting the awareness of mental health – especially in young people – BTS obliquely addresses this issue with the song’s music video. It includes concert footage along with an animated story line. The animation gives off a strong “Le Petit Prince” vibe. Like the imagery depicted in the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry novel, the video delves into the delicate nature of human behavior.


The plot is an homage to ARMY – the name of BTS’ fandom. The black-haired boy represents BTS, while the blonde girl serves as their collective group of fans. Scared and lonely, the boy crouches down while the girl morphs into a cloak that protects him. She stands by his side as he walks a path lined with jeering hecklers. With her encouragement, he now has the confidence to tackle his fears (which manifest themselves in the form of a dragon). The visuals mesh well with the hopeful lyrics (“I can make it better / You were the reason that I survived”).

Shortly after the song’s release, “Make It Right” by BTS & Lauv reached No. 1 on U.S. iTunes. It was BTS’ fifth No. 1 and the American’s first. The collaboration also drummed up interest in the original version, which has re-entered iTunes Top 200. Co-written by BTS and British pop star Ed Sheeran, that song was a B-side on their April EP, “Map of the Soul: Persona.”