Here’s the story of a rock star obsessed with the Bradys.

No kidding. Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 got to live out a childhood fantasy when he attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for the newly revealed Brady Bunch house on HGTV’s “A Very Brady Renovation.”

John 5, who has collaborated with a diverse array of musicians — from David Lee Roth to Ricky Martin to Steve Perry — had an “in” for the invite-only unveiling: Susan Olsen, who played Cindy Brady in “The Brady Bunch,” was featured in the video for the guitarist’s song “Zoinks!” from his new album, “Invasion.”

“It was like taking a little boy to a toy store,” Olsen tells Variety of her friend’s reaction to the house. “When people walk into the house, they magically turn into children, and John is just the kind of child you want to spoil rotten because he’s so lovable.”

The Grosse Pointe, MI native got the full Brady treatment, posing with Olsen on the staircase, getting a tour of Greg’s (Barry Williams) attic bachelor pad, and snapping photos with Wilson, Christopher Knight (Peter), Mike Lookinland (Bobby) and Maureen McCormick (Marcia). He even got to hang with Cindy’s doll, Kitty Carryall.

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Says John 5: “Being at ‘The Brady Bunch’ house was probably the strangest experience of my life because when they let me in the house, I knew where everything was — where the kitchen was, where are the bedrooms were, where Alice’s room was. I knew my way around the whole house like I’ve lived there for 40 years. Cindy said they’ve adopted me as the ‘Bad Brady.’”

“A John 5/Rob Zombie poster is what the girls’ room needs,” cracks Olsen. “Right over in Cindy’s corner… next to the H.R. Giger prints.”

John 5 will embark on the second leg of the Invasion Tour this fall (no, The Silver Platters won’t be opening), followed by a support slot on Queensryche’s winter 2020 tour. Find the full list of dates on John 5’s official site.

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