Ariana Grande has spent most of 2019 on her “Sweetener” tour, and for the past several weeks has been posting about a live album to be released from it. Over the weekend she posted that its deadline is coming up “soon,” which could mean that the album can be expected in the next few weeks.

“Love u hello!,” she tweeted from a tour stop in her home state of Florida. “Been prepping these vocals for the live album / listening to first pass mixes & am so excited. Vocal producing everything myself, Johnny’s been producing all the band parts ! Deadline is soon so jus saying hello  and love u and miss u. See u tonight, Jacksonville !”

Considering her recorded output over the past 18 months — she released the “Sweetener” album in August of 2018 and quickly followed with another album, “Thank U, Next,” in February, less than six months later — it would be surprising if she let a year go by without a new album, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to expect a new song or two to accompany the live outing.

The “Sweetener” world tour continues in Columbia, S.C. on Dec. 3 and wraps in Los Angeles on Dec. 21.