At this point it’s probably the worst-kept secret at the Empire Polo Grounds, but multiple sources (and multiple media outlets, including TMZ) are abuzz with rumors that both NSYNC (well, 4/5 of them) and Nicki Minaj will be joining Ariana Grande onstage during her festival closing set at Coachella tomorrow night.

It’s not a stretch by any measure: Grande posted a video clip of her childhood self in the crowd at NSYNC concert many years ago, and her song “Break Up With Your Girlfriend” samples the group’s “It Makes Me Ill.”

However, word is that Justin Timberlake will not be on board for the guest spot.

Minaj is less of a surprise — the pair have teamed up on several songs in the past, they’re labelmates and cosign each other regularly.

What we’re really wondering is what else Grande might have up her sleeve for this performance. While it’s not really fair to say that she’s following Beyonce’s world-beating set last year — in fact, it’s not really fair to compare anyone to Beyonce about anything — it is safe to say that the pressure is on to deliver a memorable and meme-filled set. There are few entertainers better at that game than her, so we’re looking forward to what we’ll be discussing around the global water cooler on Monday morning …