Former AEG, First Access Exec Adam Lublin Charged With Second Sexual Assault

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UPDATED: Adam Lublin, a former executive at AEG and consultant to First Access Entertainment, was arraigned Monday morning in Manhattan Criminal Court on two counts of burglary and one count of sexual abuse, according to the New York Post. He was arrested again Friday on a second count of sexual abuse and burglary against the first victim’s roommate, Rolling Stone reported.

The executive allegedly snuck into a neighbor’s apartment, sexually abused her and stole her undergarments. According to the report, Lublin, 43, who lives in a high-rise building in Manhattan’s Battery Park City, allegedly entered the female neighbor’s apartment. She awoke to find him molesting her, she screamed and he fled.

The victim reviewed surveillance video in the building’s lobby until she spotted her assailant, whom the doorman identified as Lublin. Police were contacted, and she told them that she had noticed that several of her undergarments had mysteriously gone missing in recent weeks.

Police picked up Lublin as he left the building the following day. According to the report, he tossed a cup into the garbage as police followed him, which officers retrieved and found stuffed with several pairs of women’s underwear. He was arrested.

Lublin was arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court on Friday on a second-degree charge of burglary and a second-degree charge of burglary as a sexually motivated felony against the first victim’s roommate, Rolling Stone reported Sunday. “On September 8, the complaining witness awoke to find a man in her bed touching her breasts and put her hand on his groin,” the D.A.’s office told the judge. “She confronted the defendant and he left the apartment and she locked the door.”

In an interview with Billboard on Thursday, Lublin acknowledged that he has a substance-abuse problem and said he planned to enter a rehab facility within 48 hours. “If I don’t get help, I’m going to end up killing myself,” he said, clarifying that he did not feel suicidal but felt that he was in “a very bad place. I’ve known I’ve needed to go [to rehab] for a while and I just haven’t. Now it’s not even a choice. I must go.”

Assistant DA Elizabeth Clerkin told a Judge Anne Swern that Lublin earlier had invited the victim’s roommate to sleep over after she had been locked out; she declined. “About a week ago, the victim’s roommate woke up in the middle of the night and saw a man hovering over her,” Clerkin continued, referencing the incident for which Lublin was arrested on Friday. “Then on Saturday night, the victim went to bed in her apartment, didn’t lock her apartment door and awoke around 5 a.m. to a white man with dark hair, heavyset, leaning over her bed and touching her [genitals].” Clerkin also said that surveillance video exists of Lublin “going up to the victim’s floor on the elevator at the time of the incident,” and that more women’s underwear was recovered after officers searched Lublin’s apartment.

The judge issued an order of protection in favor of the victim and her roommate and told Lublin to avoid them. He was released on $175,000 bond.

“One of the backbones in our legal system is the presumption of innocence,” defense lawyer Scott Leemon said. “Today, Adam will rely on that presumption of innocence.”

Lublin, whose LinkedIn page has been removed, was formerly a VP and talent buyer at AEG whose employment was terminated for cause, suggests a source. Lublin then joined First Access, management home to Bebe Rexha, Rita Ora and Winnie Harlow, among others, and a joint venture between Len Blavatnik and Sarah Stennett, where he purportedly “brought in” rapper Young Thug.

“We are extremely shocked and disturbed to read this report in the NY Post,” a statement from First Access obtained by Variety reads. “First Access Entertainment has terminated all business dealings with Adam Lublin.”

Lublin’s career in live entertainment primarily focused on Urban acts.

A rep for AEG did not respond to Variety‘s requests for comment.