Adam Lublin, a former AEG executive and consultant to First Access Entertainment, was charged with sexual abuse for a third time by the New York County District Attorney, according to reports in the New York Post, Rolling Stone and Billboard. Lublin was arraigned in Manhattan Supreme Court Monday on two indictments including seven counts of sexual abuse and burglary involving three victims. The latest indictment charges him with one count of first-degree sexual abuse against a coworker at her home on Nov. 22, 2015.

In September, Lublin was arraigned on counts of sexual abuse and burglary after he allegedly snuck into a neighbor’s apartment, sexually abused her and stole her undergarments. Lublin, 43, who lives in a high-rise building in Manhattan’s Battery Park City, allegedly entered the female neighbor’s apartment. She awoke to find him molesting her, she screamed and he fled.

“With respect to the November 22nd, 2015 incident, the defendant sexually assaulted a sleeping coworker,” the Manhattan District Attorney’s office alleged on Monday in a bail application document cited by Rolling Stone. “When she awoke to the defendant’s non-consensual touching, the Complaining Witness confronted the defendant immediately, waking up her friend who was sleeping in the room with her. She immediately reported what the defendant did to that friend and told others in the days that followed. The incident was also investigated by HR.”

The document, which is related to the first two alleged assaults, notes that “a forensic search of the defendant’s phone showed that the defendant searched for both Complaining Witnesses — strangers to him — by name, the defendant searched for pornography and erotica depicting unconscious women being sexually touched, and in fact the defendant took photographs while inside the Complaining Witnesses’ apartment on two separate occasions.”

The DA also argued that Lublin is a flight risk after determining that he searched the internet for hotels and costume stores before his first arrest in connection with the incident; it also claimed he snuck out of the service exit of his apartment building with $1,266, which they say indicated an intent to flee. Lublin posted bond of $175,000 in September an additional $100,000 and surrendered his passport this week.

The DA said that the case against him is “much stronger” now due to the new charges against him. Lublin faces up to 37 years in prison if convicted on all charges.

In a statement, a rep for AEG said: “AEG Presents does not tolerate sexual harassment or misconduct, and we have and will continue to support our employees and cooperate with the authorities with respect to this matter. AEG Presents’ Human Resources department learned of alleged misconduct by Mr. Lublin in October 2017. Within hours of learning this information the company suspended Mr. Lublin pending a thorough investigation. As a result of the investigation Mr. Lublin’s employment ended in October 2017.”