An extended version of “48 Hours with Kygo” will be available to stream on Hulu and ABC News Live beginning Oct. 4. A “Nightline” segment with the DJ originally premiered Wednesday night.

In the exclusive interview, “Nightline” shadowed the Norwegian artist-producer, whose real name as Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll, for an entire weekend as he performed three shows in two countries.

In the time since he started posting remixes to SoundCloud, notably a version of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing,” Kygo has worked with several major artists including Rita Ora, Selena Gomez, Miguel, John Legend and, posthumously, Whitney Houston.

Houston, who was also signed to a Sony Music label, recorded a cover of Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love” in 1990, but the song was never used for an album, Nearly 20 years later, a Kygo remix of the song released in July has launched it to dance hit status.

“I got sent the track and I was just like, ‘Wow this is…crazy,’” he told ABC News. “The chorus; it’s just so powerful. Whitney Houston is, like, one of the most legendary artists of all time. So, to me, it was just kind of unreal to get the opportunity.”

In addition to currently holding the record as the fastest artist to reach one billion streams on Spotify, Kygo also recently created his own label Palm Tree Records. Done in partnership with Sony, the goal of the venture is to leave “something bigger than just Kygo behind,” said the DJ’s manager and business partner Myles Shear to ABC.

“I mean both of us, we’re just such music lovers and I feel like we’re both trying to find our way to do what we love, you know, and I think we made this perfect combination where it was like the ultimate dream team…and we’re doing what we love and that has formed into what we’ve become,” Shear said.

Outside of the interview’s debut on Hulu, “48 Hours with Kygo” will also be available on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and the ABC News site. View a clip from the interview below.