Microsoft is rolling up Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass into one service with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Announced during the latest episode of Inside Xbox, Microsoft detailed the new $14.99 service, which will combine all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold with Xbox Game Pass, including the full Game Pass library of over 100 games and Xbox Live Gold online multiplayer.

“From the beginning, the service was built based on input from gamers and we’re always listening to fan feedback. Xbox Game Pass offers a curated library of over 100 great games, available to download and play at full fidelity, for one low-monthly price. Since launch, we’ve continued to add more diverse titles to the library, including new games from Xbox Game Studios and ID@Xbox partners the same day they release,” said Ben Decker, head of gaming services at Microsoft.

The combination of both services acts as a complement to the upcoming Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, which will leave the optical drive behind for a hard disk drive that users can instead store all of their digital titles on. The combination of subscription services like Xbox Live Gold, which users already must utilize if they want to play online and Xbox Game Pass, which unlocks an immediate “collection” of games to download and play at no additional charge, seems like the logical next step for those looking to go all-digital.

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service will be available to select members of the Xbox Insider community who have opted into the program, and will begin rolling out to certain individuals ahead of its official launch for testing. It will debut later in 2019.