Wizards of the Coast announced gaming industry veteran James Ohlen as the head of its new studio based in Austin, Texas.

Ohlen, whose 23-year industry career includes credits on games like “Baldur’s Gate” and “Neverwinter Nights,” will open a new studio in the area and lead Wizards of the Coasts’s creative development of new IPs.

“I didn’t think that I would be coming back to the game industry so soon but working with Wizards is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” said Ohlen of his new role at the company. “Our mutual love of RPGs, world-building, and interactive storytelling is a perfect match.”

While Ohlen will be focused on creating new and original IPs outside of “Dungeons & Dragons” and “Magic: The Gathering,” there’s no indication of what kind of titles the studio will be tackling first, nor any potential names. Given that the new game won’t be related to the established IPs Wizards of the Coast already has in its portfolio, the possibilities are wide open.

Ohlen worked as Senior Creative Director at BioWare for 23 years prior to beginning the publishing company Arcanum Worlds in 2018, which published the book “Odyssey of the Dragonlords.” It looks like his retirement from the gaming industry has been rescinded, and we’ll be seeing something new out of the studio and Wizards of the Coast soon.