Gaming veterans and mental health professionals have teamed up to launch the publishing arm and “e-health” organization WellBeings.

Mental health coach and mentor Craig Fearn is working alongside game industry professionals Mark Ripley and Matt Spall to launch the game publisher, which will focus on mobile games that address important health issues like anxiety, chronic pain, and panic disorders. The aim is to position WellBeings as a “one-stop-shop” for wellbeing research, consultation, and applications.

WellBeings aims to look at the intersection of health and technology in a “new way,” opting to build new solutions that draw from each user’s individual needs, allowing them to decide what’s best for them. The goal is to create an app that they’ll want to use instead of being told to. The company has tracked 40 studies that agree that there’s a wide variety of applications for tech when it comes to advancing health and overall solutions for wellbeing,

“The potential of the crossover benefits between games and e-health are massive. From a research standpoint, the data generated could revolutionize how professional practice responds to a range of conditions. From a user’s point of view, our games will offer innovative alternatives to a stagnating market,” said Fearn.

To bring its vision to life, the company was awarded a grant from the EPIC Challenge Fund, offered by the University of Plymouth and handed out to small and medium businesses operating in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly who are looking to enter the digital health market.