Official Weezer ‘Theme Park’ Debuts in ‘Fortnite’ Creative Mode

Official Weezer 'Theme Park' Debuts in

Weezer is celebrating the release of their thirteenth studio release, “Black Album,” in a special custom map for “Fortnite” called Weezer World.

The map, which Weezer referred to as an “island in the sun” based off their hit single, can be found as a premade area in the game’s Creative Mode. Inside the map, a jukebox can be found, playing four new songs from Friday’s newly-released “Black Album.”

The purple-drenched map has an enormous “W” based on the band’s iconic logo, a huge disco dance floor, slides, and colorful paneling that’s reminiscent of a concert stadium. Other than the decor and the music blasting over the speakers, the Weezer connection overall is quite thin, but hardcore fans will no doubt appreciate the music’s inclusion anyway, which can be accessed for free.

Creative Mode lets players play solo or join their friends online via private server to create, fly around, and have fun without the constraints of the game’s battle royale trappings. Players can meet freely and explore to their heart’s content without having to be gunned down at any moment by others looking to take home a Victory Royale.

Weezer isn’t the first band to promote its music inside “Fortnite,” with EDM artist Marshmello taking to the game in January with a 10-minute concert for players to “attend” virtually. The in-game concert drew nearly 11 million players.

“Fortnite” is available to play for free on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices. Weezer’s “Black Album” is available for purchase or streaming now.