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Indie developer Vlambeer is bringing the bite-sized game compilation “Vlambeer Arcade” to Nintendo Switch later in 2019.

The collection of games will feature titles like “Ultra Bugs,” which resembles “Space Invaders,” though there are additional titles being announced at a later date.

“Vlambeer Arcade” is part of a series of releases the developer is bringing to Switch, including roguelike shooter “Nuclear Throne” and “Super Crate Box.”

There’s no additional information on what type of games we might potentially see from “Vlambeer Arcade” when it touches down in the future, but it looks to feature a wide variety of titles that should appeal to different audiences.

Vlambeer founder Rami Ismail launched a project with a similar concept earlier this year called “Meditations.” Available via a downloadable launcher on PC, it offers one small, relaxing title each day. All of the games are free and were made in about six hours, according to its FAQ page. Each game is available only on the day it was made for, so if you miss out on one you need to wait until it becomes available again next year. There’s no word yet on whether or not “Vlambeer Arcade” will follow a similar model or if it will be a more traditional compilation.

As far as “Nuclear Throne,” it will launch on Wednesday, Mar. 20. “Super Crate Box” is set to debut in April.