There was a time when one could compile a complete list of all of the video games coming out in a year in one story. Now doing so for just a month is seemingly impossible. Between the slate of major releases, the growth of indie third-party publishing, and the increasing number of stores — not to mention sites like Itch.io — creating a definitive list isn’t just hard, it’s essentially impossible.

In reviewing video games, we believe it’s important to not just tackle some of the biggest games of the year but to use this space to also put a spotlight on some of those titles all readers may not have heard of or that were forgotten shortly after their unveiling. So think of this as a sort of experiment. We’ll be reviewing a clutch of games in February, but we want to know which are the ones that are most important to you. Below you’ll find a poll which lists the months biggest games, but also has a place for write-ins. Vote on the games you’re most excited to play this month and add the ones we’ve not noted. We’ll keep an eye on the results as we determine what to review in February.

Wargroove“: Inspired by the “Advance Wars” franchise, this Chucklefish-developed game delivers a turn-based tactics game with major campaign editing and creation tools built in. The game also supports a variety of local and online multiplayer modes including both player-versus-player and cooperative play. Due out for Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, and Xbox One on Feb. 1. The game is due out on PlayStation 4 at a later date.

Ape Out“: This highly stylized escape game has players taking on the role of a captured ape beating his way through captors to his freedom. The game’s use of rhythm and a sort of frantic jazz, coupled with the intense artistic look of the top-down game, has been drawing attention since its unveiling at SXSW years ago. Due out for Windows PC on Feb. 7.

Crackdown 3“: The super-charged world of Crackdown is finally coming to the PS4/Xbox One generation of consoles, picking off where 2010’s “Crackdown 2” left off. It’s arriving three years later than expected, but there’s still quite a bit of excitement for the destruction-packed action-adventure game. Due out for Windows PC and Xbox One on Feb. 15.

Far Cry New Dawn“: Taking place nearly two decades after the controversial conclusion of “Far Cry 5,” “New Dawn” adds light role-playing elements to the franchise while delivering new takes on some common elements like the capture and use of camps. The game is set in a neon-soaked post-apocalyptic Hope County and its main adversaries are lead by twin sisters. Due out for PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One on Feb. 15.

Jump Force“: This is what happens when you dump a library’s worth of manga characters into a fighting game developed by Spike Shunsoft. The Bandai Namco title comes just in time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Weekly Shonen Jump. Due out for PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One Feb. 15.

Metro Exodus“: Is the third in the Metro video games inspired by the Dmitry Glukhovsky novels of the same name. In this latest iteration, players will leave the metro and travel by rail across the continent to the east. The story takes place over the course of a year, and the journey provides the game with some much-needed change in atmosphere and setting. Due out for PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One on Feb. 15.

Anthem“: From the studio behind “Mass Effect,” “Dragon Age,” and “Jade Empire” comes this action third-person role-playing shooter that has up to four players jetting through an open world in exosuits called Javelins. The suits can be customized with weapons and abilities and the developers have been clear that this new IP is not meant to be another “Fortnite.” Due out for PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox on Feb. 22.

Trials Rising“: While the “Trials” franchise has been thriving since its birth as a browser game in 2000 and its received a steady stream of games since it’s been five years since the last major release. Players still control a physics-based motorcycle and its rider as they navigate courses from around the world. One new addition: A tandem bike mode that has two players sharing control of the bike at the same time. Due out for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows Pc, and Xbox One on Feb. 26.