Valve is hinting at some of its plans for digital storefront Steam in 2019, including more game discoverability, a Steam TV expansion, and more.

It’s currently working on a new game recommendation engine powered by machine learning, one that can match players to titles based on their individual tastes, it said in a Steam Community post on Monday. Algorithms are only part of the discoverability improvements it’s working on, though. It’s also building more broadcasting and curating features, it said, and it’s constantly assessing the overall design of the store.

In addition, Valve said it’s working on a new events system that will highlight interesting activities happening in games, like tournaments, streams, or weekly challenges. It also wants to put out a new version of the Steam Chat app, along with a reworked Steam Library built on top of the technology used in the chat app.

Valve plans to expand a couple of older features as well. It wants to do more with Steam TV than just broadcasting specific tournaments and special events, it said. It’s also taking the technology behind its Trusted Matchmaking system in “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” and making it available to all games.

“This means you’ll have more information that you can use to help determine how likely a player is a cheater or not,” Valve said.

Steam’s PC Cafe Program is also getting an upgrade so players can use it in hundreds of thousands of PC cafes worldwide.

Finally, Valve said it will reveal more details in the coming months about its partnership with Perfect World. The two companies are currently working to bring Steam to China.