Unity upcoming lineup for this year’s GDC 2019 includes a keynote and talks from Unity engineers and researchers on mixed reality, spatial computing, and neural networks.

Unity’s keynote is scheduled to take place on March 18, kicking off the GDC event which runs until March 22. According to Unity, the keynote event begins at 5 pm PT at 846 Mission Street in San Francisco, and will be broadcast Live.

The technology company says this year it will be bringing its largest ever booth to the annual game developer event – 12,000 square feet, including a theater packed with developer talks, an Answer Bar where game creators can meet with Unity experts and partners, and hands-on with the tech.

Unity will also be holding talks over the week. Speakers include Unity’s Timoni West, who digs into how computers perceive the world, and the current state of sensor-based technology. “Then she’ll dive into which event types are most useful or specific for AR,” reads one synopsis. “Spatial computing requires a reassessment of how humans interact with computers, so this lecture will cover inputs and modalities, from button presses to facial sentiment analysis.”

This year’s talks are as follows:

Evolving Mixed Reality: Designing on the Real World by Unity Senior Software Engineer Jono Forbes

Mental Models and Systems for Spatial Computing by Timoni West, Director of XR Research

Everyone Watching This is Fired by Mike Acton, Principal Engineer

Math for Game Developers: Inside Neural Networks by Michael Buttner, Principal Research Engineer

Super Powering Technical Artists Using Deep Learning by Cesar Romero, Principal Machine Learning Engineer

From the Trenches: Moving the Diversity Needle in Community Management by Deborah Oyeyinka, Social Media and Community Manager

Unity will also be opening its doors to the development community throughout event days. Visitors can try out different tech there without the need of a badge.