Ubisoft just fixed an annoying bug in its new online action-RPG “Tom Clancy’s The Division 2” that prevented player skills from functioning properly.

The bug caused abilities like the drone and shield to immediately destroy themselves after activation and go on a 15-second cooldown, according to players on “The Division 2” subreddit. Ubisoft’s development team worked hard during the weekend to identify and fix the problem, the company said in a forum post. It took the game down for brief maintenance on Monday to issue a patch.

Although Ubisoft said players should encounters issues “way less often” after the patch, some problems persist. The developer will release another patch later this week to resolve all of the remaining issues. In the meantime, it encourages players to avoid using the Extra and Overlap talents, which can cause skills to act up even after the maintenance.

“We want to thank everybody for your continued reports, your feedback and most importantly your patience,” Ubisoft said. “The health of the game continues to be our highest priority!”

“The Division 2” launched on Mar. 15 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. While it’s received generally positive reviews, Variety’s own Matt Paprocki had some issues with it, saying it “comes more from the mindset of Fox News’ primetime star Tucker Carlson than Clancy.”

“‘Division 2’ is the worst of ‘stand your ground’ laws and ‘good guy with a gun’ beliefs,” he wrote. “Enemies wander the streets, guns outstretched sideways as they blindly fire like Hollywood’s abysmal thug stereotypes. There’s no narrative context for their actions, or why all of them willingly die for their cause – or what their cause actually is. They just hate innocents. That makes them easy villains to conservative eyes. They’re bad guys, the lot of them, and that’s all anyone needs to know.”