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A Twitch user who faces charges for allegedly assaulting his pregnant partner in December while streaming “Fortnite” has been unbanned from the site, according to a tweet by Rod Breslau, an esports consultant and analyst, who spotted the man’s first stream after returning to the service.

Twitch, the leading video game streaming website, originally banned the user, mrdeadmoth, after a clip of an altercation between the Australian man and his partner went viral.

In the clip, the accused, identified as Luke Munday by 7 News Sydney, gets into a short verbal argument with his partner, who is off-screen. He then gets up and a distinct slap sound can be heard, followed by the sound of her and what sounds like a young child crying. Munday’s Twitch account was banned, as well as his Twitter, according to Newsweek.

After the incident, Munday was taken to court on an assault charge and suspended from his position with Telstra, according to 7 News Sydney. The news source also noted that police filed an apprehended violence application (AVO) on Munday, which is the equivalent of a restraining order, in order to protect Munday’s partner.

However, Munday began tweeting about an upcoming stream on Twitch starting on Dec. 30. As of this story’s publication time, Munday’s Twitch account is still accessible and shows a static “be right back” screen.

Munday’s apparent return to Twitch led to some questioning the service’s ban policies under the hashtag “#mrdeadmoth.”

As Twitter user @BIGSnowAU pointed out, some Twitch users have been permanently banned from the site for using offensive language.


Some users, like @themoralskeptic, are opting to stop using the service until Twitch takes action against Munday.

Twitch did not respond to Variety‘s request for comment. Attempts to reach Munday for comment directly have been, as of publication time, unsuccessful.