Twitch streamers JP McDaniel and Sean Plott, known respectively as itmeJP and Day[9], have been signed by Creative Artists Agency, the Los Angeles talent agency told Variety.

Both commentators initially gained their followings as commentators in the “StarCraft 2” scene, and have featured among the top 100 most viewed Twitch channels ever. JP is currently hosting a number of online gaming shows including Dungeons & Dragons livestream “Rollplay” and the live-streamed gaming podcast “Dropped Frames”. Day[9] is the host and star of Geek and Sundry’s Spellslingers series, where he teaches actors Joe Manganiello and Alan Tudyk to play “Magic: The Gathering.”

CAA will work to create opportunities in areas including television, film, touring, digital distribution, partnerships, endorsements, personal appearances, and publishing, the agency said.

This follows the signing of a number of other high-profile gaming personalities by the talent agency. In December, CAA took on games influencers Nick Eh 30, StoneMountain64, and Dr. Disrespect.

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