Twitch is launching a new four-person multiplayer-centric feature known as Squad Stream.

Inspired by the multiplayer gaming moments that players have cherished over the years such as “Rock Band” sessions, “GoldenEye” games after school, or building together in “Minecraft,” the feature is a way for four creator to go live and stream together in one window. It’s meant as a simple way for streamers to allow team-ups with other creators.

Creators can squad up via the Twitch dashboard, offer additional angles on the action, and offer their viewers a way to chat with all four stream stars at once. Twitch notes that this is a way to increase exposure and earn new followers by way of their co-streamers’ communities.

Squad Stream is set to launch next week, with a series of new four-person streams debuting over the subsequent two weeks. Additional details on which streamers will be taking part to showcase the new feature will be rolling out soon. Squad Stream will be available to Twitch Partners first, so for those already in Partner status, it should be live right away, with viewers able to opt-in via channel pages.

Those interested in searching for Squad Streams currently live on the platform will be able to do so via the Squad Stream tag via the main Twitch page.