The Red Lantern” is a new indie title from Timberline Studio following one young woman’s journey to participate in the Iditarod dog race.

The Nintendo Switch title, revealed during Nintendo’s Spring 2019 Nindies Showcase, follows a protagonist whose “plan” is to get a van, get a sled, travel to Alaska, and then win the Iditarod. Unfortunately, as the narrator recounts, things didn’t exactly go that way. We see a grizzly bear attacking one of the dogs, and then one of them being viciously bitten before slammed to the ground in a harrowing early look.

Players will doggedly try to survive in the Alaskan tundra, as the “Musher” protagonist struggles to train for the upcoming Iditarod race. There are more than just bears out there to avoid, though. Players will have to help the Musher resist frostbite, the harsh elements, and figure out what to do next on her journey in addition to ensuring the dogs themselves are being well taken care of.

The game is currently scheduled to arrive on Nintendo Switch as an exclusive later this year.