The Glory Society, a new worker cooperative which includes two developers behind “Night in the Woods,” teased that it’s working on a few games in a tweet thread Monday.

The worker-owned cooperative studio, which includes Bethany Hockenberry, Scott Benson, and Wren Farren, is staying mum on what game (or games) it is working on, but did share details of how The Glory Society will be run, and what a “worker cooperative” is exactly.

“It basically means we are all co-owners of our studio and what we create, and we make decisions as a group, as equals,” a tweet from The Glory Society stated. “No bosses needed!”

Hockenberry and Benson both worked on “Night in the Woods,” the 2017 indie hit developed by Infinite Fall, a studio which also included Alec Holowka.

Farren is a Colorado-based artist who is the art director and composer for The Glory Society.

“What are we up to? We’re making video games. As previously stated,” a follow-up tweet from The Glory Society stated. “We’ve got a couple projects in the oven. You’ll hear about one sooner and one way later. Both are going to be pretty cool.”

Though the team includes only the three so far, the cooperative plans to expand in the future.

“Addendum: we’re a small crew to start out with, as is the prudent and responsible thing to do,” a tweet from The Glory Society stated. “But we’ll be expanding this year. More on that as it happens. Stay tuned. Get hype. For expansion.”

As for when we can expect to hear more about what projects The Glory Society has planned, it’s unclear just yet. The cooperative’s website notes that they will tell more about upcoming projects “when we’re good and ready.”