Ubisoft will spend some time outlining the current status and the future of its online shooter “Tom Clancy’s The Division 2” during a State of the Game livestream on Wednesday, it announced on Twitter.

The stream airs at 3 p.m. GMT/8 a.m. PST/11 a.m. EST. Ubisoft isn’t giving any details about what it will discuss. Fans who want to tune in and do so on the publisher’s Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube channels.

“The Division 2” launched in March and recently got its first big raid, called Operation Dark Hours. But, Ubisoft decided to release the raid without in-game matchmaking, which left many players unhappy. The game’s developers are working on a solution, they said in a video stream while explaining their decision to not include it from the beginning.

“You need to be sure that the team you are going to work with has microphones, speaks the same language, has the proper gear to support the team,” said associate creative director Chadi El Zibaoui. “It’s not about a simple matchmaking as we do for the missions. A mission or any other content, eventually you can play with randoms, and you will manage to beat that content. For the raid, if we deliver such matchmaking it will be tougher, if not impossible, for you to beat the content.”

While Ubisoft hasn’t given specific details about how raid matchmaking will work, it’s possible it will divulge more information about the topic tomorrow. It might also talk about raid difficulty. Operation Dark Hours is crushingly difficult, especially for console players who are stuck playing at 30 fps with a gamepad. A Ubisoft rep recently said on “The Division 2” subreddit the team is considering tweaking the raid’s difficulty.