Tom Clancy’s The Division 2” comes out next month, but fans will get a chance to try it out before then in an open beta.

Developer and publisher Ubisoft revealed more details about the open beta in an update on Monday. It will be available from March 1-4 on all three platforms. It will also introduce players to some content not shown during the game’s private beta.

News about the open beta accidentally slipped earlier this month during a developer livestream on Twitch. Although the developer didn’t reveal details or a start date, he did say Ubisoft was going to fix a certain issue “before open.”

The open beta will raise the character level cap to eight, Ubisoft said. It will also include an additional story mission called Viewpoint Museum, along with an additional skill — Chem Launcher — with two variants, Riot Foam and Explosive Vapor. Beta participants can look forward to two more settlement projects with the second upgrade of the theater, and a new skirmish player vs. player map named Capitol Ruins.

Beta participants are limited to one character during the testing phase, Ubisoft said. That character can be deleted, however, if players wish to start over for whatever reason. The beta offers three main missions playable on Normal and Hard modes — Grand Washington Hotel, Jefferson Trade Center, and the newly announced Viewpoint Museum. Five side missions are also available, along with a variety of control points and living world activities, and players can trek through four different zones while completing them — The White House, Downtown East, The Federal Triangle, and the Smithsonian.

Beta participants who like PvP can check out Dark Zone East, which is on the right side of D.C. They can grab the DZ East introduction mission from the NPC Senalt Ezera in the base of operations after completing the Jefferson Trade Center mission. Meanwhile, players looking for dedicated 4v4 PvP combat can partake in “The Division 2’s” Skirmish mode on either the Stadium or Capitol Ruins maps.

Finally, Ubisoft said the open beta will also feature some of “The Division 2’s” end game. Once players complete the Jefferson Trade Center mission, they’ll get access to an end game mission that unlocks three level 30 characters on their account. The mission starts when the player logs in with one of them.

“Tom Clancy’s The Division 2” comes to PC (via the Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on Mar. 15.