“Tom Clancy’s The Division 2” developer Massive Entertainment is disabling its daily and weekly projects until further notice while it works to fix a bug that let players gain multiple rewards.

Massive launched “The Division 2’s” first major update, called Tidal Basin, on Friday. It unlocked World Tier 5, heroic difficulty, and a brand-new Stronghold for the game’s Black Tusk faction. It also balanced weapon and skill mods, added three more gear sets, launched weekly invaded missions, and more. But, it’s apparently caused some new problems as well.

Massive performed an emergency server restart on Sunday to fix the exploit, but it was unsuccessful.

“We’re currently unable to fix the issue with the server restart, therefore we’re disabling the daily and weekly projects for the time being,” the developer tweeted. It then promised to keep players updated in a forum thread, but there’s no new information at this time.

In addition to the daily and weekly projects bug, signature ammo is reportedly not dropping for the game’s three endgame classes, the Sharpshooter, Survivalist, and Demolitionist. There are multiple Reddit threads complaining about the issue. Massive said it’s investigating that as well.

PCGamesN notes players can get around the ammo bug by returning to the White House and switching specializations, then switching back. This will apparently top off their signature weapon’s ammo. But, it’s an annoying workaround, to say the least.