Super Mario Maker 2” is coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch on June 28, Nintendo announced on Wednesday.

Described as a fully-fledged sequel to the original “Super Mario Maker” for the Wii U, “Super Mario Maker 2” will let users create their own courses using a new toolset of items. The sequel will also let you make slopes in your courses, something that wasn’t possible in the last game.

Nintendo first showed off a few of the new items and customization options when “Super Mario Maker 2” was first announced in February, including Mario’s Lucky Bell power-up that outfits him in a cat suit and allows him to climb walls.

There’s also a new visual style for players to make use of when building levels as well. The Angry Sun from “Super Mario Bros. 3,” new backgrounds, placeable objects, and a wealth of what was first seen in “Super Mario Maker” on Wii U. You can check out that gameplay video in full below.