New ‘Super Mario Maker 2’ Details Spotted in Japanese Poster

New 'Super Mario Maker 2' Details

Nintendo hid new details about “Super Mario Maker 2” in a new poster spotted at a Japanese electronics store.

Eagle-eyed Twitter users took note of some intriguing details that could be coming to the Nintendo Switch-exclusive sequel, including “Super Mario 3D World’s” Mewoser and Charvarrghs enemies as well as a new jungle-themed 8-bit world.

The screenshots posted to Twitter also reveal a Wiggler and a Thwomp in the jungle stage, a “Super Mario World” stage with rainbow platforms, Goombrats, and a variety of colorful pipes. There’s also an interesting look at Mario exploring space as if he were underwater, and finally the aforementioned “Super Mario 3D World” level.

Another Twitter user noted a segment of the poster that showed off a “Super Mario Bros. 3” level and a series of Piranha Plants. There’s also a user changing up the path a Piranha Creeper would walk down in a “Super Mario 3D World” level.

Obviously, since Nintendo hasn’t given any kind of official confirmation that these elements will indeed be coming to the game it’s hard to say what these images represent, but it certainly looks like plenty of new changes coming to the sequel to the popular Wii U level creator.

“Super Mario Maker 2” is a full-fledged sequel to the hit game that later debuted on the Nintendo 3DS, bringing a slew of new levels, characters, and abilities for users to lean on when creating challenging platforming stages to play and share with other “Mario” fans. It’s currently set to debut on Nintendo Switch on June 28.