“Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels,” originally released for Japan’s Famicon Disk System as “Super Mario Bros. 2” in 1986 before making its way to North America, is one of three original NES system games coming to Nintendo Switch Online on April 10.

The notoriously difficult Mario title will be joined by “Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream,” a retro boxing game originally known as “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!” The fictional character Mr. Dream would go on to replace Tyson after Nintendo’s license to use Mike Tyson as a character expired in 1990. Also coming to Switch Online is “Star Soldier,” an arcade-style shoot-em-up from 1986 which sees players attempt to stop a galactic invasion.

These three new games join the growing library of classic NES games in the Nintendo Switch Online collection which currently consists of dozens of games, including “Super Mario Bros. 3,” “Donkey Kong,” and “The Legend of Zelda,” among many others. Last month Nintendo introduced classic action-adventure games “Kid Icarus” and “StarTropics” to the system. The subscription service launched in September 2018 and costs $20 annually.