Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition” has a new opponent — the popular match-3 puzzle game “Puzzle & Dragons,” developer GungHo Online Entertainment announced on Monday.

The Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Collab is already underway and ends on March 3. During this time, players can make their way through three brand new “Puzzle & Dragons” dungeons and pick up characters from Capcom’s iconic fighting series.

Every player that logs into the game will get a free pull from the Street FIghter V: Arcade Edition Memorial Egg Machine, GungHo said. They can get additional pulls as quest rewards. There are also bundles available for purchase, ranging in price from $0.99 to $19.99.

“Puzzle & Dragons” is a mobile game that combines match-3 puzzles with dungeon crawling and monster collection. It first launched on Android and iOS in 2012 and has surpassed 80 million downloads worldwide.

Here’s the full list of “Street Fighter” characters, dungeons, and assist evolutions available during the collaboration:

Street Fighter V: AE Egg Machine Characters:


M. Bison
Sakura Kasugano
SagatKarin Kanzuki


R. Mika

Street Fighter V: AE Collab Dungeons:

Street Fighter V: AE Quest Dungeon
Multiplayer! Street Fighter V: AE!
Skill Leveling Dungeon SFV: AE

Assist Evolutions:

Evil Ryu’s Headband
Chun-Li’s Wristband
M. Bison’s Military Cap
Guile’s Sunglasses
Akuma’s Prayer Beads
Sakura Kasugano’s Open-fingered Gloves
Sagat’s Eyepatch
Karin Kanzuki ‘s Ribbon

Yes, there is an Evil Ryu in that list, but GungHo said it’s an evolved form of Ryu created for the collaboration event. Evil Ryu is not a character in “Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.” (Although it’s a great idea. Capcom already has bearded Ryu. An evil one can’t be far behind.)