April’s Steam releases were dominated by indie titles, including “Forager” and “Totally Accurate Battle Simulator,” according to a post on the Steam Blog Thursday.

Valve released a list of its top 20 games for the month of April, which included only games released last month. The list was compiled based on revenue generated.

The biggest title to make the top 20 is “Mortal Kombat 11,” but the rest of the list shows that lesser-known games got a chance to shine on the popular PC digital store platform.

“To generate this list, we started by enumerating all the games released between April 1 and April 30,” the post stated. “We then looked at revenue earned by each of those games in the first two weeks following that game’s release. From that list, we took the top 20 games by revenue to make our final list. Finally, we sorted the 20 games by release date.”

“Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy” also made the list, showing that Capcom’s classic courtroom game’s first three games still resonate with players.

Devolver Digital’s cannabis-empire building game “Weedcraft Inc,” developed by Vile Monarch, is in the top 20, which shows that simulation games are still popular with PC players. “Vacation Simulator,” which is from Owlchemy Labs, the creators of “Job Simulator” also made the cut.

The full top 20 titles, sorted by release date, are as follows:

  • “Totally Accurate Battle Simulator”
  • “Super Dragonball Heroes World Mission”
  • “Islanders”
  • “MarZ: Tactical Base Defense”
  • “Supraland”
  • “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy”
  • “Vacation Simulator”
  • “Zanki Zero: Last Beginning”
  • “Pathway”
  • “Weedcraft Inc”
  • “Staxel”
  • “One Finger Death Punch 2”
  • “Forager”
  • “Pagan Online”
  • “Katana ZERO”
  • “Driftland: The Magic Revival”
  • “Paper Dolls Original”
  • “Mortal Kombat 11”
  • “Imperator: Rome”
  • “Mordhau”