Steam is running a sale for Lunar New Year which starts Monday, Valve revealed via press release.

Valve is celebrating the Year of the Pig by giving players savings on games through Feb. 11. Speaking of pigs, maybe now is a good time to check out “Stardew Valley,” or other PC games you’ve had on your wishlist.

During the sale, Steam users will automatically get $5 off of any qualifying purchase above $30. This is a once per cart, per Steam account deal.

Users that purchase Steam games during the Lunar sale will also earn tokens, which can be further redeemed at the Rewards Booth. Tokens can be exchanged for “$5 instant discount coupons, fancy profile pages, badges and more,” according to the press release.
On Feb. 8 at 10 a.m. PST, the winners of the Steam Awards will be announced via broadcast. These are the winners voted by Steam users back during the Winter Sale in December. This is actually a new thing for Steam, which has never before revealed the winners of the Steam Awards in a broadcast.
The Lunar New Year is most commonly celebrated in Asian countries, such as China, Japan, and Korea. Valve ran its Lunar New Year sale last year, as well, so it seems this sale is more continuing tradition than in an attempt to grab some of Epic Games Store’s customers. In recent news, the Epic Games Store is working on its own review system for its storefront, after it successfully swiped Metro Exodus as a one-year exclusive title from Steam and other PC games distribution platforms.