Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service hosts its first livestream event on Thursday just days before the annual E3 video game show is set to kick off. The company is expected to detail the release timing for the service, cost, and more during the live event.

The company announced the livestream earlier this week with a tweet noting that “some news can’t wait for E3.”

You can watch the Stadia Connect Livestream right here at noon ET, 9 a.m. PT.

Stadia is Google’s upcoming video game streaming service. The company said it’s designed to work on most modern screens — phones, laptops, tablets, etc. — with small amounts of download time and no loss of fidelity. Google is also promising 4K resolutions and 60 frames per second with HDR and surround sound at launch. The service supposedly achieves all this using Google data centers around the world, along with Google’s Edge Network, which has more 7,500 edge node locations globally.

Microsoft is also currently working on its own streaming game service called xCloud, while Sony has had the PlayStation Now service up-and-running since 2014. Although the industry seems to be trending toward a hardware-free future, Stadia head Phil Harrison told Variety in a recent interview he doesn’t think Stadia’s potential success will mean the death of traditional game consoles.