A video comparison between the performance of a PlayStation 4 Pro and Sony’s next-generation PlayStation shows off the speed of the latter, as shared by Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki via Twitter on Tuesday.

The main focus seems to be the rendering times in the side-by-side comparison, as a countdown appears just above the PS4 Pro’s and the the next-generation console’s sample clips. What the next-gen console loads almost immediately takes the PS4 Pro about 8 seconds.


Further, Sony is looking toward cloud gaming it seems, as the company used the phrasing “anytime, anywhere, without disconnections,” according to Mochizuki. PlayStation already has PlayStation Now, Sony’s current answer for cloud gaming, a subscription service which allows players to stream games or download them to play. Perhaps cloud gaming will be a stronger focus in the future to compete with Microsoft and other games makers.

Sony was clear about what it has shared and still has under wraps in a presentation posted on its website. Previously, the new CPU and GPU, as well as its supporting of physical software and backwards capability and other details were shared. The release date, price of the upcoming console, specific titles, and other key details (including the name of the console) have not yet been revealed.

The PS4 will “remain the engine of engagement and profitability for the next three years,”  according to Sony.

The Last of Us Part II,” “Death Stranding,” and “Ghost of Tsushima” appear next to a bullet point under the header of “The Critical Role of PS4,” stating that there’s still an “outstanding roster of exclusive AAA games still to come.” So, this seemingly confirms that we won’t have to wait for the next-generation console to play these highly-anticipated games— though all three titles still don’t have a release date. There’s still the possibility that the games could release on the next-generation console, as well, as a sort of bridging of the gap between two console generations, though that remains to be seen.