Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain and Norwegian technology company XPLORA have teamed up to develop a video game that will give in-game rewards to players for physical activity carried out in the real world.

“Aces of the Multiverse” is slated to launch later this year in Spain, with plans to expand to North America and elsewhere at a later date. The game will be available on PlayStation 4.

The game will work with the XPLORA 3S, a smartwatch for kids which features an app which converts exercise logged by a pedometer into level-ups, powers, and characters that are redeemable in the game. The XPLORA app, which will be available on iOS and Android, can be used to set time limits for gameplay, and offers updates to parents on their child’s physical activity and in-game progress.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has lately shown more interest in exploring new game technology. Earlier this year, the company acquired audio software company Audiokinetic, which cross-platform sound solutions for gaming and interactive media. SIE said it will use Audiokinetic’s audio engineering expertise to add significant value to the PlayStation ecosystem.