Chinese company Snail Games is creating its own publishing label, Wandering Wizard, it announced on Monday. The new branch will help launch independent North American and European titles, starting with sandbox crafting and survival game “Outlaws of the Old West.”

Developed by Virtual Basement, the game is set in the American frontier and tasks players with surviving in an unforgiving land by hunting, foraging, mining, and crafting tools. It promises a vast open world map, 150-player servers, settlement customization, an elaborate morality system, and more.

“With ‘Outlaws of the Old West’ our goal is to give gamers the ultimate Western experience,” said Tim Hesse, executive producer at Wandering Wizard. “We can’t wait to gather feedback directly from our players so we can deliver a game that’s truly catered to the community.”

“Outlaws of the Old West” will launch with role-playing, player vs. environment, and player vs. player servers, along with a dedicated host system for unofficial servers. Utilizing the morality system, people can build reputations as defenders who protect settlements from NPC or player gangs, or they can become outlaws who terrorize the locals. They can construct unique camps, forts, and even towns, where they can become mayor. Meanwhile, the player-driven economy will let people buy deeds for player-run shops, vendors, or auction houses. Those who want to make their gold in a more action-oriented way can become hired guards and more.

“Outlaws of the Old West” comes to Steam Early Access on Mar. 12.