When Epic Games’ first-person shooter “Robo Recall” launches on Oculus Quest, it will have the same gameplay experience found on the bigger and more powerful Oculus Rift, developer Drifter Entertainment said in a blog post on Tuesday.

Drifter is handling the port for Epic and said it wants complete parity between the Rift and Quest versions, despite the Quest’s lower specs. “Our core principle was, ‘Do not change the gameplay,’” said Drifter co-founder Ray Davis.

To achieve that parity, the team is focusing on technologies like Oculus’ Multi-View, which renders objects in the Quest’s left and right eye buffers simultaneously, reducing driver and app overhead. They’re trying to squeeze as much out of the virtual reality headset’s GPU as possible, but Davis admits “Robo Recall” will push the Quest “extremely hard.” The game features a photorealistic art style with bloom effects and depth of field.

“We had to find ways to bring back the feel of those things while still hitting our performance targets,” Davis said.

While Davis said everybody was skeptical early on that the team could successfully bring the shooter to the Quest, people came around once the game became playable on the platform until “more and more [they] were like, ‘Wow, this is how the game was meant to be played.”

“When I told [Epic Games Technical Director] Nick Whiting we were taking on the project, he said, ‘You are insane,’” Davis said. “Four months later, here we are. It’s totally a viable, awesome experience — and it also speaks to our culture at Drifter. We’ve all had the past experience of really pushing forward on new platforms to see what can be done, so this is the perfect project for us.”