Road to the Madden Bowl,” a new four week docu-series that shines a spotlight on the world’s best “Madden NFL” players throughout the “Madden NFL 19” Championship Series season, and will air the first episode on Wednesday.

The docu-series chronicles an often emotional journey of some of the world’s best Madden players as they compete in the “Madden NFL” Championship Series. Each episode follows player rivalries and friendships with competitors, and the stories of what it takes to make it in eSports.

Developed by Electronic Arts, in partnership with ESPN and the NFL, “Road to the Madden Bowl” premieres on ESPN2 at 10:30pm ET, with a new episode airing each week at 10:00pm ET afterwards, until the finale. The Madden NFL 19 Bowl will be held from April 25-27 at the EA Broadcast Center in Redwood City, California with the grand final airing live on ESPN2 on April 27 at 4pm PT.

“Our continued partnership with EA Sports allows us to connect our audiences with the best Madden NFL talent and thrilling world of esports,” said John Lasker, VP of Digital Media Programming at ESPN. “This docuseries captures all the competitive action, but more than that it introduces sports fans to the passionate players and teams they’ll see at the Madden Bowl on ESPN2 later this month.”

“You do not have to play videogames to enjoy this docuseries,” said Todd Sitrin, SVP and GM of the EA Competitive Gaming Division. “Any sports fan will be drawn into the drama and excitement of competitive Madden through the power of storytelling. This four-week broadcast experience showcases why we have a millions-strong
community of players and viewers.”