Risk of Rain 2,” the sequel to the 2013 indie hit from Hopoo Games, will launch as an early access release on Steam at PAX East on March 28, developer announced Thursday.

The sequel is available for $19.99, ahead of its launch later this year. As part of the early access launch, players who purchase the game can gift a copy to a friend until March 30.

Unlike its predecessor which featured 2D graphics, “Risk of Rain 2” adopts a new 3D environment and third-person shooter mechanics while maintaining the co-op roguelike gameplay of the previous title.

It was previously confirmed that “Risk of Rain 2” will feature melee classes including the Mercenary class from the original title.

“Every melee character will require a bit more love in ‘RoR2’ to make sure that they can function in this new environment, but we are very excited to have them in the game,” the studio said late last year.

“The major challenges that each melee character faces is that in ‘RoR2,’ there are a lot of flying monsters. While most bosses are on the ground, there are also still flying bosses. We want to absolutely make sure that we avoid any scenario where a melee class is soft-locked from completing the stage because the boss is too high in the air.”