Riot Games updated its company values for the first time since 2012, according to a post on its website.

Riot Games is the powerhouse behind “League of Legends,” a popular MOBA title fueled by Riot’s LA headquarters and 23 global offices.

The new values of Riot were formed after considering the feedback of the company’s 1,700 employees. While the 2012 values, or “manifesto” as Riot Games referred to it as, helped the company become arguably one of the most successful companies in the video game industry, the manifesto did not “evolve along with [Riot Games].”

The following are the new Riot Games values, according to the Riot Games website:

  • PLAYER EXPERIENCE FIRST: “We believe our laser focus on players inspires the most meaningful and lasting game experiences.”
  • DARE TO DREAM: “We believe the courage to chase bold ideas will make impossible dreams come true for players.”
  • THRIVE TOGETHER: “We believe we’re stronger when we respect each other, invest in each other, and succeed as one team.
  • EXECUTE WITH EXCELLENCE: “We believe operational excellence will unlock us to deliver better experiences for the long run.”
  • STAY HUNGRY; STAY HUMBLE: “We believe there is always more to learn from each other, from players, and from the world.”

The full details of these values and what they will mean in practice can be found on the Riot Games website.

Riot will follow its new values by creating a company culture in which  “every Rioter is able to thrive and reach their peak performance” and by relying on “fair and equitable processes.”

Riot Games also aims for its leaders within the company to promote the values as they practice them.

The updated values are just one part of Riot Games’ objective to transform the company’s culture. In September, former Uber-exec Frances Frei was hired on to increase diversity and inclusion efforts after Riot issued an apology for its lack of inclusiveness the month before.

The rollout of changes comes after an expose on Riot’s “frat bro” culture released last year, and a subsequent harassment and discrimination lawsuit was filed in November.

Last month, Riot suspended COO Scott Gelb for “inappropriate and unprofessional behavior,” according to CEO Nicolo Laurent. After an investigation was conducted regarding lewd behavior, including allegations that Gelb touched employees inappropriately, he was issued a two-month, unpaid leave.