Rockstar Games is offering “Red Dead Online” players a bonus of five gold bars to thank them for their support and understanding during the game’s beta period, it announced in a post on Friday.

Anyone who plays the game between Friday, Jan. 25 and Sunday, Jan. 27 will qualify for the bonus. The gold bars will show up in player accounts by Tuesday, Jan. 29.

Rockstar is also making some changes to “Red Dead Online’s” new battle royale mode. Called Gun Rush, it went live earlier this month and pits 31 players against each other in an ever-shrinking area where they must gather weapons and ammo to survive. The developer said it’s identified a few matchmaking issues and addressed them with short-term improvements while it works toward more permanent fixes. The minor tweaks should help create fuller lobbies.

“Gun Rush is best experienced with as many competitors as possible, so if you had any issues with smaller lobbies around release, we strongly encourage you to give it another go this weekend as we are already regularly seeing much fuller matches on both PS4 and Xbox One,” Rockstar said.

Additionally, Rockstar said it’s working on lots of fixes, changes, and improvements to “Red Dead Online” based on player feedback. That includes daily challenges, tweaks to the parley system, proximity-based player blips that make it harder to target others across large areas, and law and bounty changes that aim to discourage griefing.

“We are currently planning to have these and other improvements to the game included in a Title Update scheduled for release in the coming months – we’ll provide more information as we get closer to the date,” Rockstar said.