The Razer Game Store will close on February 28 at 1am PST, the company announced in a blog post. This comes less than a year after its launch last April.

The shutdown is part of “the company’s realignment plans,” according to Razer.

“It has been a privilege for us to recommend and deliver great digital game deals to you. We have been extremely fortunate to have you as part of our awesome community,” the post reads. “Thank you for the support and making all this possible.”

“We will be investing in other ways to deliver great content and introduce game promotions through Razer Gold, our virtual credits system.”

Games purchased through the Razer Game Store will still work after the closure and the online store will still be fulfilling and sending pre-ordered games. However, those who have purchased a title via the online store will need to retrieve the Steam or Uplay keys before the closure. Discount vouchers will also be considered null and void after closure.

“Razer will continue bringing games to gamers via other services,” according to its FAQ. “You can use Razer Gold to buy games online or redeem games with your Razer Silver earnings”

Razer will be requesting for all user data to be deleted “by any partner Razer Game Store is no longer working with” and will “continue to protect your data according to Razer’s Privacy Policy.”