Bethesda is holding a “Rage 2” panel and livestream during the Bethesda Game Days Fan Event at PAX East 2019.

You can catch the livestream of the panel right here at 5:00 pm ET, followed by “The Elder Scrolls Online” panel and livestream at 6:30 pm ET. The event continues tomorrow with another “Rage 2” stream at 5:00 pm ET on Saturday, March 30.

Bethesda hosted several events surrounding various titles during the event on Friday, March 29, including “Fallout 76,” “The Elder Scrolls” 25th Anniversary, and “The Elder Scrolls Online” panels and streams.

“Rage 2” is an upcoming first-person shooter and sequel to 2010’s “Rage.” Players take control of a ranger named Walker who’s wandering the game’s colorful, post-apocalyptic world. With a wide array of special firearms and weapons to defend himself, Walkermust fight against enemies in an environment set 30 years after the original game took place.

Bethesda Game Days is a way for fans to learn more about upcoming Bethesda titles, try them in hands-on play sessions, win exclusive prizes and giveaways, and chat with the developers themselves of their favorite games. The two-day event is a “celebration of the games and community” Bethesda loves, and is such a way for the company to interface with their fans directly.

“Rage 2” is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on May 14, 2019.