QuakeCon Europe is confirmed for July, marking the first year the Bethesda event is coming to Europe, and will coincide with the US event, according to the official website.

Bethesda, the publisher behind the “The Elder Scrolls” and “Fallout” series and more, will hold its first ever QuakeCon Europe on July 26 and 27, a Friday and Saturday. The events will take place in London.

Quakecon 2019 is coming to Dallas on July 25 to 28.

So far, the only game we know for sure will be playable is the upcoming “DOOM Eternal,” according to a post on the official event website.

The website boasts that Bethesda is bringing its latest titles while being pretty vague about it.

“Play ‘DOOM Eternal’! This will be the first time the game is playable outside of North America,” the post stated. “Play the other latest and greatest games from Bethesda.”

“DOOM Eternal” is the next major installment to the “DOOM” series, announced at E3 2018. The “DOOM” series celebrated 25 years in December. The tagline for QuakeCon 2019 is “Year of Doom,” fittingly.

Tickets are not yet available for QuakeCon 2019 or QuakeCon Europe, but those interested can sign up for updates. The event is is free and open to the ticketed public, 18 years old and over.

July 26 is a preview day, which is likely when we’ll get new updates on what’s ahead for Bethesda. Saturday is the public access day, which is a chance for attendees to play “DOOM Eternal” and other games Bethesda is ready to show off.