Project xCloud is in the next stage of development with its takehome release complete, as revealed by Phil Spencer, head of gaming at Microsoft, in a tweet on Tuesday.

Project xCloud is Microsoft’s highly anticipated answer for cloud gaming. Microsoft is looking beyond the Xbox and consoles, and plans to bring gaming to any device with the game streaming service.

“Congrats to Project xCloud team for completing their takehome release,” Spencer wrote in a tweet. “Excited to get feedback from our internal teams ahead of public trials later this year.”

With Project xCloud reaching its takehome release stage, that means that more Microsoft employees will be testing out the service internally— it doesn’t mean that it will be available for public testing, though. We got our first look at Project xCloud in action back in March, and wider testing, public trials, will come later this year.

While the takehome release is an exciting sign of progress, it still remains to be seen if Project xCloud will be able to deliver on Spencer’s vision of “console quality gaming on any device.” With E3 coming next month, it would be an ideal time to reveal more about the cloud gaming service, and Microsoft has already promised its “biggest E3 presence ever” for this year. The Xbox E3 briefing is set for June 9, 2019.