The Pokemon Company introduced “Pokemon Sleep” during its press conference on Tuesday, a new app intended to make sleep more fun.

The “Pokemon Sleep” app and game tracks a user’s sleeping patterns and the gameplay then adjusts based on their sleeping pattern. The game is also compatible with a new Pokemon Go Plus + device that The Pokemon Company announced is in development on Tuesday.

Basically, the company wants to do for sleeping what “Pokemon Go” did for walking.

“In 2016, ‘Pokémon GO’ turned the simple act of walking into entertainment, making the entire world into a game,” a tweet from the official Pokemon Twitter account stated. “We’re about to do it again, Trainers—this time, for sleeping.”

For use with the new Pokemon Go Plus+, players will need to put the device next to them while sleeping. The device will then send info to the user’s phone via Bluetooth.

Not too many details were revealed about “Pokemon Sleep” itself, but it’s coming out in 2020, so we can stay tuned for more details.

In the downtime until 2020, or at least until more is revealed, the sleepiest pokemon, Snorlax, is available for a limited time on “Pokemon Go,” in celebration of the announcement. Catch one while you can!