Pokemon Home, a cloud platform for Pokemon video games is coming 2020, as announced during the Pokemon 2019 Press Conference on Tuesday.

With this new cloud platform, Pokemon trainers can share their progress in a place “where all pokemon can gather.” Regardless of device used, Pokemon Home will be a way to trade pokemon between players– globally or locally with other pokemon trainers or with friends.

The service will connect across different games and devices.

“Pokémon began on the Game Boy and has since evolved (get it?) into an experience that exists beyond a single game or device,” a tweet from the official Pokemon Twitter account teased. “We wanted to bring everything together—connecting Pokémon with a variety of games and connecting players with each other.

The Pokemon Home cloud service will be compatible with iOS and Android devices for connecting with “Pokemon Go.” It will also connect to the Nintendo Switch for “Pokemon Sword and Shield” and for “Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee.” Finally, it will even connect to the Nintendo 3DS.

We don’t have all the details of how Pokemon Home will work just yet, but the service is planned for a 2020 release, so stay tuned for more info.