The upcoming “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” will not have a zombies mode, campaign gameplay director of the game Jacob Minkoff told PlayStation Lifestyle on Thursday.

Minkoff explained that a zombies mode would not be in line with the realistic aesthetic of the latest “Modern Warfare” game that Infinity Ward has in mind, which was just revealed last week. The fantastical mode is an option for Treyarch, which is the developer behind “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4,” which has various modes including a zombies option and a battle royale, “Blackout” mode.

“Because [Treyarch] focus[es] on more of the stylized, graphic novel, super-hero experience, they can have the much more ‘out there’ different types of gameplay in their games,” Minkoff told PlayStation Lifestyle. “But for us, we’re trying to create an authentic, realistic feeling world. We don’t have the flexibility to do something like put zombies in the game. That would compromise the feeling of playing in a world that feels realistic and authentic and relative to today’s conflicts and things we face.”

Infinity Ward wants all of the modes of “Modern Warfare” to feel connected, and doesn’t want a mode to feel wildly different and take the player out of the world it is trying to create, basically.

“Knowing that we needed to keep it more similar across the different modes, we decided to really lean into that, and make it completely continuous,” Minkoff explained.

The upcoming “Modern Warfare” has already sparked some controversy with a presentation last month which showed a playable child soldier scene in the game.

The absence of a popular zombies mode might keep some “Call of Duty” fans sticking with “Black Ops 4,” but for others a hyper-realistic portrayal of war might be an intriguing offering this fall.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 25.