Assassin Travis Touchdown returns in 2020 in “No More Heroes 3,” Nintendo announced during its E3 2019 Direct on Tuesday.

Developer Grasshopper Manufacture’s beam sword-wielding assassin “returns to Santa Destroy after a 10-year absence,” Nintendo said. “There he finds a huge artificial island metropolis floating in the sea, and a mysterious flying object hovering high above.”

This latest numbered entry in the cult classic action-adventure series comes nearly a decade after “No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle,” which launched on the Wii in 2010. A spinoff called “Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes” came out on the Nintendo Switch, PC, and PlayStation 4 earlier this year. It’s a significant departure from the rest of the franchise. It uses a top-down perspective and its gameplay focuses on retro-inspired mini games. At the time, creator Goichi Suda (who often goes by the nickname “Suda51”) said if “Travis Strikes Again” was commercially successful it could lead to a third installment.

“I already have a composed outline for ‘No More Heroes 3’ in my head, and I want it to be way more epic than previous numbered installments in the series, with regards to Travis and his battle towards the new assassins,” Suda told Kotaku UK in December. “Because of that, I felt like Travis needed a kind of sidestep, to sort of add to his growth, giving him a chance to grow a bit before his next big battle in a numbered game. I feel like ‘Travis Strikes Again’ is really integral to the series, and I want it to connect those numbered installments together, so I hope people will support it because of that.”

E3 2019 is coming to Los Angeles on June 11 through 13, and we’ll cover all the highlights of the event here at Variety as well.