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How ‘No Man’s Sky VR’ Uses Retooled Controls and UI

How 'No Man's Sky VR' Uses Retooled Controls and UI In Upcoming Release
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“No Man’s Sky” is getting full VR support for PlayStation VR and PC users this summer, and the official PlayStation Blog details how it will shake out.

Social media manager Justin Massongill shared his experience with the virtual reality demo on PlayStation VR, utilizing dual PS Move motion controllers. The interface has been retooled to be more viable for play in the virtual reality space, where both arms can be used 1to control special in-game menus. There’s also a series of teleportation controls to get around the world, with a marker to select your destination before moving forward, around 30 in-game feet.

All tools and upgrades are available for your use, as well as the Terrain Manipulator, and all are accessible via the Move controllers’ triggers, offering 1:1 control to painstakingly create custom-designed bases and other structures. Other important parts of the game, such as your ship’s cockpit, are built out for the build as well, with newly-designed ship controls for VR. You can use the flight stick with your right hand and control the throttle with your left, using the Move controllers’ buttons to boost, adjust speed, and make quick trips through the stars.

“No Man’s Sky” will be seeing the addition of VR support later this summer as part of the new “Beyond” update. “No Man’s Sky Online” is an important first component of the update, which will bring a “radical new social and multiplayer experience” to the game as part of the first of three major updates for the game.

“No Man’s Sky” is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.