A smaller and cheaper version of the Nintendo Switch is coming out this fall, Nikkei reported (translation via The Verge).

The enhanced (and likely, more expensive) version of the Switch doesn’t have a time frame for release yet, but will come sometime after the more economical option’s release.

Contrary to previous speculation, the cheaper console will reportedly still be able to connect to a television.

There were rumors that Nintendo is working on creating two more versions of its Switch console back in October of last year. The reports surfaced of a value version of the popular console, as well as a more powerful, “next-generation” version. Earlier this year, Nikkei reported that Nintendo was talking to suppliers and developers about its console, and reported that we’d potentially see a release sometime this year.

Nintendo also reportedly axed its Quality of Life business. There were plans to produce a sleep-monitoring device which started as far back as 2014, but a source tells Nikkei that the project was cancelled due to the inability to make a “Nintendo-like product.”

Nintendo is likely focusing in on its stronger product bases, especially since the company lowered its sales forecast of its Switch and 3DS consoles earlier this year.