‘Pokémon Go’ Developer Helps Clean Up 145 Tons of Trash For Earth Day 2019

"Pokémon Go" Developer Helps Clean Up

“Pokémon Go” developer Niantic worked with players and non-government organization to help remove 145 tons of trash in time for Earth Day 2019.

This is the second Earth Day in a row the creator of “Ingress” and “Pokémon Go” has worked to help make a difference by cleaning up communities across the globe. Niantic partnered with 46 organizations in 41 countries and 6 continents to help organize 17,000 players into cleaning squads comprised of players from both games.

The volunteers contributed 41,000 hours of their time combined to collect 145 tons of trash. Niantic got the ball rolling by offering players the chance to sign up to participate and nominate an organization of their choice to help “battle” issues like the damaged environment, ocean pollution, and other eco-crises by participating in Earth Day events.

“We’re astounded with how much everyone involved has achieved – an effort like this highlights how much impact people can have when they work together. Players worked in groups of 1 to 2,500, alongside government agencies, volunteer organizations, and fellow community members, creating incredible impact,” said Yennie Solheim Fuller, director of social impact at Niantic.

By working to save the environment and volunteering, players were rewarded with in-game events in both “Ingress” and “Pokémon Go,” with a higher probability for heatsinks, multihacks, and shields for agents in “Ingress” and increased Pokémon appearances for luck trainers.

Niantic hasn’t officially announced plans for next year’s Earth Day, but given the success of this year’s efforts, it seems highly likely.